Bloody Disgusting brings you News From The Crypt, Double Murder, Dead Pixels, and Aural Pleasures.

The gangs all here to take a look back at a George A. Romero film you all may not remember (or have ever seen), the 2000 American-French thriller Bruiser!

We also pay our respects towards two of the greatest guys to hit the film industry, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Harold Ramis. And as always we have a slew of Blu-Ray reviews to go through including the "Eye Catching" Dario Argento's Dracula 3-D! This is an episode you do NOT want to miss.

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Yes THAT Book of Shadows. Our movie of the month is Blair Witch II: Book of Shadows. Keenan, David and Lauren take a look at this not so cult classic and try and figure out why the first Blair Witch even needed a sequel to being with? We also take a look at Scream Factory's new releases this month including looks at some other fantastic releases. What's scary on Netflix Instant and as always some murderous tunes!

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Well the votes are in and we discuss the best (and most god awful!) of 2013! Get ready to cheer and jeer till your heads explode like the guys in Scanners!

I also just want to take this time to say thank you to all of our listeners! You all made last months show the most listened to show throughout the history of News from the Crypt!  We can only go up from here and you can bet myself, Tim, Lauren and David are all still roaring to bring you all what you love most....No, not another Paranormal Activity film. The best damn horror podcast for fans BY fans!    

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Danny! and Tim have returned to review CARRIE, remake and original! You long-time listeners are no doubt aware that Double Murder already reviewed the original Carrie when it was up against Jennifer's Body (see what I did there?), but fear not! Instead of wasting your time repeating themselves, Danny! and Tim cut the review of the classic Carrie short, and wax philosophical about the nature of horror remakes in general. The guys also discuss what happens when your Carrie is too pretty to play Carrie, chicken wing recipes, and the fine art of simulated teen nudity. For all this and more, tune in to DOUBLE MURDER!!!

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'Tis the season to stay locked inside! Don't move. Don't make a peep, or the old red demon might come down your chimney for a visit. Or worse...KRAMPUS! Horror Guy Keenan is here to supply you all with some of the scariest and most haunting Christmas music this side of the North Pole. So grab kitchen knife, put on a pot of coffee and turn the furnace on high as you drift away to the soothing sounds of your holiday nightmares.

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"LIVE FROM SPOOKY EMPIRE! It's time for Horror Chat Stew (Mmm, sooo meaty!) At the 2013 panel we chat with attendees about this past years round up of horror and what scares us as horror fans. It was great meeting a bunch of you at the show and we look forward to seeing more of you soon!"

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Danny! and Tim are back from the dead! In the latest episode of Double Murder, the guys compare The Conjuring and The Haunting in Connecticut. Both films recount the tales of real-life supernatural investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren as they help a couple of families deal with their personal and other-worldly demons. Tune in now to to find out which one the guys found spookier, why Tim is letting Danny! officiate his wedding, where you should go in Chicago for horror movie trivia nights, and more!

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This episode is jam packed with Halloween goodies for your trick or treat bags! The gang takes a look at a few of the slasher Blu-rays to release in September along with the Dexter finale, Sleepy Hollow, Hannibal and Insidious 2. We also report back from Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights 23, along with discussing all the best haunts around the US during the spookiest month of the year, info for giveaways and more! All to the sweet and haunting sounds of Halloween at High Noon's newest album Way of the Wicked.

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We are joined this week by our very good friend Paul Davis. Paul just premiered his horror short <b>The Body</b> at Frightfest in the UK. He tells us a bit about the short, what it was like working with Game of Thrones star Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy) and The Inbetweeners' Hannah Tointon. Paul also fills us in on all the other films that played at the show. As for films, we take a look at <B>You're Next</b>, <b>The World's End</b> and <b>Curse of Chucky</b>! Listeners beware, you're in for a SCARE!

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This month on the show we review The Conjuring, reminisce a bit and play some tracks off of Midnight Syndicates new album Monsters of Legend! We also ask the simple question "Why the f*ck does everyone like Sharknado so much!?

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Double Murder is back with another original vs remake matchup: Maniac!! Phil joins Danny! as guest co-host and the two sort out which movie will get scalped and which will do the scalping. Both movies tell the story of deranged serial killer Frank Zito as he deals with his tortured past through murder-therapy. Will Joe Spinell and William Lustig's original be able to hold out against the remake powerhouse of Alexandre Aja and Gregory Levasseur? Tune in to Double Murder to find out!

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This month on the broadcast we have friend and director Steven Shea on to tell us a little bit about his monstrous yet sexy new project "Fiend Fatal." We also find out a bit more about Universal's Halloween Horror Nights event, talk up some TV horror with the return of True Blood and Dexter. What to watch on Netflix, movie reviews, Mayhem and more! Be sure to subscribe to Bloody-Disgusting Radio on iTunes

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The 50th Episode of DOUBLE MURDER!!! Danny! and Tim celebrate 5 years together by reviewing 2 of the segments from VHS 2: Phase I Clinical Trials vs Safe Haven. Jenn, Pete, and Phil, friends of the show and former guest hosts, join the guys to discuss which of the segments slaughtered the other and offer their insight into what 50 episodes mean. Tune in now by clicking on the player below or subscribe to Bloody Disgusting Radio on iTunes! AND DON'T FORGET: check out the new Double Murder Podcast page on Facebook at

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This month Horror Guy Keenan reports back from May-Hem Fest where he interviews the groov-a-liciously monstrous members of The Ghouligans!  Joined by Lauren and David, the guys talk about their most anticipated SCREAM Factory 80's blu-ray releases. Also were introducing a new segment this month called "What's on Netflix Streaming?" Where we list 5 MUST SEE horror films streaming this month on Netflix.

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Danny! and Tim are back, reviewing two PG-13 tales of family, hauntings, and death in this month's Double Murder: Sinister vs Insidious! These films will make you never trust your children again! Tune in to find out answers to these burning questions: Which movie has not gotten the attention it deserves and which does not deserve your attention? Which one of the hosts is getting married? What's in store for the upcoming Double Murder 50th Episode Extravaganza? What other podcasts are the guys developing? …and more! ALSO, email Danny! and Tim at with questions to be read and answered on their 50th episode!!

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In this episode of Bloody-Disgusting's Aural Pleasures, host Jonny talks with Ann Arbor filmmaker Matt Grevenstuk and their mutual love of horror. The guys chat about favorite horror films, great music in horror, favorite bands, and more. Head on in and enjoy the episode!

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We're back from vacation. The 40oz. Of Horror Podcast was absent last week, but with good reason — Chad was MIA while visiting Eli Roth's Goretorium. Is it worth the cost of admission? Chad has the answer.

Like 40oz. Of Horror on Facebook (

Are Netflix original series worthy of marathon viewings? Chad and James go toe-to-toe and duke it out over original on-demand television — what is your opinion?

In WTF News, we talk about a company who will mail your enemies... well, something brown and smelly. And of course we have tons of horror news to catch you up.

Also, we must apologize for the drunken shitshow that was last episode. If you were drinking along, sorry for your hangover.

This month on the show, Tex and Lauren take their turn on the Evil Dead remake. Horror Guy Keenan shares his excitement over The Lords of Salem hitting theaters (all five of them.) We also tackle horror fans challenging questions from this season like "Is Hemlock Grove a major snooze fest?" and "Is that Zombieland tv series any good?" All this plus headlines, reviews and some NEW Rob Zombie!

FINALLY! The episode Danny! and Tim have been waiting for since the inception of Double Murder: THE EVIL DEAD!!! Does Sam Raimi's 1981 cult classic, The Evil Dead, still hold up after all these years, or is our reverence based purely on nostalgia? Will Fede Alvarez's 2013 remake become just another name of the long list of remake failures, or can it live up to the high bar set by the original? Did Tim get a quote from Star Trek: The Next Generation tattooed on his knuckles? Will Danny! butcher everyone's names? Are you going to listen all the way to the end of the episode? There's only one way to find out: LISTEN TO DOUBLE MURDER!!!

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It's the 20th episode of Aural Pleasures and we're thrilled to actually have made it this long! Jonny and Bill are joined by Bill's brother Dan for a roundtable discussion about everything under the sun, including Jurassic Park 3D, Evil Dead, Friday The 13th, and more. The guys also chat some music, including the soundtracks to Halo 4 and Bioshock: Infinite as well as groups like Deftones and Rob Zombie's upcoming album Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor. They also go over the upcoming Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival and figure out which bands Bill is excited to see! (Hint: it's not Five Finger Death Punch) Also, keep your ears peeled back for a guest appearance from one of our favorite bands, Tool! All this and a whole lot more, so give it all a listen below!

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"Weeeee're gunna review yooooou. Not another claaassic. Time to get criticized." On this months show Keenan, David and Lauren jump right into the gore with this years number one talked about horror remake. Fede Alvarez's Evil Dead! We also take a look at Room 237, Hitchcock, The Collection and we're giving away some real treats!

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Danny! and Tim are back with two steamy* tales of alien abduction, mind control, and forced probing: Dark Skies vs Communion! Both films involve families besieged by other-worldly visitors, but with very different outcomes. Which one will come out on top, the modern CGI wonders of Dark Skies or Christopher Walken's uncontrolled outburst of Communion? Tune in to DOUBLE MURDER to find out!!!

*Not "steamy" like sexy, but "steamy" like a pile of shit.

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Bloody-Disgusting's music podcast Aural Pleasures is back with a episode to tickle your ear canals! Hosts Jonny and Bill are joined by BD contributor SuperRadMike to discuss all sorts of fun topics. The guys chat about the return of Nine Inch Nails and the music of How To Destroy Angels as well as Scott Weiland and his termination from Stone Temple Pilots. The fellas also discuss the Detroit stop of Metallica's Orion Music + More Festival and Mike brings up his excitement for the Pitchfork Music Festival. Things get a little bit serious when Mike brings up some serious issues he's been having that involve sleepwalking and Taco Bell's Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos. You can hear about all of it below in the podcast! Make sure to subscribe to Bloody-Disgusting Radio on iTunes to get all of our podcasts when they come out!

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The boys get themselves trapped on an island in the latest episode of Dead Pixels. They talk about how awesome Tomb Raider was, and how much more awesomer it could have been. Dead Space 3 gets a little love, Adam talks about to joys of being stuck in Iowa for 3 weeks with poor internet. Since the Playstation 4 was just announced they chat it up about that and the upcoming new Xbox. TJ professes his love for Best Buy's gaming section, and their handy J trade in deals. WHAT?! Nothing.

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After our top films of 2012 and interviews, we are finally back to the monthly grind! Tex, Horror Guy and Lauren are back keeping you up to date with news and reviews! This month the gang looks at Keenan's #2 film of last year, Sinister. Tex lays down the gruesome details of Texas Chainsaw 3D and the guys try to help Lauren not vomit over Warm Bodies. Oh, and did I mention Rob Zombie? (YEAH!)

We need your help horror fans! News From the Crypt is up for a RONDO AWARD! We're nominated! Please go to and vote for us under BEST HORROR MULTIMEDIA. Just E-mail and type in News Form the Crypt and your name. That's it! Thanks for listening and being the best fans ever!

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This month on Double Murder, in which two movies enter but only one movie leaves, Danny! and Tim review two Guillermo del Toro produced films: Mama (2013) vs The Orphanage (2007). Both films deal with kids, moms, and ghosts, and both films mix children's fantasy with horror; a trademark of del Toro. Tune in to find out which one of these films is best forgotten and which you should go out and see immediately (if you haven't already). The guys also discuss the origins of Casper The "Friendly" Ghost, sorcery, swords, vengeance, t-shirts, and mistakes in past episodes. Why are you still reading this!? LISTEN TO DOUBLE MURDER NOW!!!

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Team Aural Pleasures is back with another sexy podcast for all you Bloody-Disgusting readers! Bill, Adam, and Jonny are back to chat some more music, horror, and silliness. In this podcast, Adam explains his long absence, Bill questions the worth of Prince, the guys all bring up some songs that are good for…well…engaging in extracurricular activities. The guys also bring up the music of some of the biggest horror video game titles to be released this year, including Devil May Cry, Dead Space 3, and Aliens: Colonial Marines. Enjoy it all below!

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Adam and TJ take us on another wild video game podcast in this month's Dead Pixels! The boys tackles everything from female video game characters (they both argue over who gets to play Anya in Gears of War) to Resident Evil 6 (again? Seriously guys, just let it go.) to some of the upcoming video game IPs. They also chat about The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct and why gamers may have the wrong impressions going into it. And that's only the tip of the iceberg! Give it a listen and enjoy!

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Danny and Tim are back with a new episode of Double Murder! The pair review Texas Chainsaw 3D and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, the two existing "sequels" to the legendary Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Tune in as the guys attempt to sort out the chronology of the films, discuss complex family values issues, and the virtues of modern chainsaw technology. Plus, stick around at the end for a sneak preview of Tim's upcoming spinoff podcast!

Adam and TJ finally return from their trip to the mountains where they got caught in a massive cave in. Things definitely got a little weird and they will probably never be the same. They did however record a new Dead Pixels podcast, where they discussed many things. They flew way off subject and talked about some movies they saw recently. They also discussed their list of the best horror games of 2012. They also went pretty deep into the world of horror games from the Playstation 1 and 2. They even went back in time and searched horror on the Atari and Colecovision. The boys get weird as usual, but that's what you guys like best about the podcast. Right?

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This week on the show Tex Massacre interviews our good friend Laura Tyler from season 3's Face Off on SyFy. Laura spills her guts on behind the scene moments, what it takes to get on a show like Face Off and more!" 

Also for all you aspiring make up FX artists that listen to the show, Laura will be at the Burbank convention center the first week of March doing a demo for Kett cosmetics at their make up show. 

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HAPPY BLOODY NEW YEAR!!! The gangs all here to rattle off their top 5 horror films of 2012. Break out a pen and paper because you don't want to miss any of these horror flicks.

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It's the end of the year and Aural Pleasures is taking a look back at 2012! Jonny and Bill take you through another podcast while Adam suffers yet another setback and is unable to join in the fun. In this episode, Jonny has Bill take us through his best and worst releases of 2012 as well as his most anticipated releases for 2013. The guys also chat some of their best and worst gifts they've gotten for the holidays, give Adam some more CDs to listen to and, as always, give some recommendations for you listeners! Lastly, in the spirit of holiday cheer, Jonny and Bill have put together a contest where one lucky listener will get a $10 iTunes gift card! Listen to the podcast for all details on how to enter!

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Man do we have a news-O-rama episode for you creeps this week! We look at the first half of this seasons Walking Dead along with American Horror Story and where 666 Park Ave has gone. (RIP) We also take a look at the new Alfred Hitchcock box set, the hilarious Thankskilling 3 trailer, what James Wan is up to and much more!

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In the 16th episode of Aural Pleasures, Señor <a href="">Adam Dodd</a> leaves both <a href="">Jonny</a> and <a href="">Bill</a> hanging on their own. While Jonny was unaware of the circumstance surrounding Adam's need to bow out of this podcast, Bill was told the entire story. Without going into too many details, let's just say that it involves Adam's wife (he's married?!?!), his clothes, and a poorly written work excuse note.

Left on their own, Bill and Jonny discuss several new albums that came out recently, including the new <b>Deftones</b> (read Jonny's review <a href=""><b>here</b></a>, the new <b>Flyleaf</b> (another shamless review plug <a href=""><b>here</b></a>), and Bill's take on the new <b>Soundgarden</b>. The guys then chat for a bit about <b>Lamb Of God</b> singer Randy Blythe and the possibility of his return to the Czech Republic, followed by their thoughts on what the best live rock album is. After a bit more, they fellas round it off by adding to Adam's list of albums he has to listen to and, lastly, give some suggestions. Check it all out below!

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! What have you all been watching this frightful month? Horror Guy Keenan, Lauren and David look at the slew of haunted films and shows that have hit this October including Scream Factories blurays, The latest episode of The Walking Dead and American Horror Story. We also discuss the Paranormal Activity series and whats going on with it. And it wouldn't be a Halloween show without some treats!

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In this Halloween inspired episode of Aural Pleasures, Bill, Adam, and Jonny chat about what gets them in the Halloween mood, their plans for the greatest of all nights, and sounds that terrify them in real life. Jonny also brings up a horrifying news story about a woman that had a creature living in her ear for three days (we're not going to spoil it by telling you, but, rest assured, it's the stuff that nightmares are made of). The guys also talk about what they're listening to, including Adam mentioning that he's in love with Adele's "Skyfall" and that they should use it for the next James Bond movie! No, we're not joking.

The guys also put Adam to the test by giving him some albums to listen to in order to expand his musical horizons. Got a suggestion? Shoot him a message via his Twitter above!

And, as always, the guys round it off with some recommendations for you to check out and enjoy!

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Danny! and Tim are back with a new episode of Double Murder! This time around, the guys review two heist-serial killer genre mash-ups: Malevolence (2003) vs Rites of Spring (2011). Picking a better film this time around may be a real struggle, and not for the reasons you think! Also, learn about the Chicago showing of Puppet Master 10: Axis Rising and Bloody-Disgusting's upcoming release of Cattle Decapitation's new video!

Direct download: Ep_44__Malevolence_vs_Rites_of_Spring.mp3
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We're gearing up for Halloween here at News From the Crypt and are looking at a slew of horror re-releases coming your way onto Blu-ray this October. Horror Guy Keenan takes a look at Halloween III Season of the Witch's new Blu-ray release from Scream Factory, Tex riff's on The Moth Man and Paranorman. And we all take a look at some shows we went to in the past month including Fan Expo and Dragon*Con. Listen up for your chance to win some Blu-rays too! IT'S A MONSTER MASH!

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We here at Bloody-Disgusting would like to welcome a special guess podcast: 40oz. Of Horror! This is the first in what should be a long line of guest spots we’ll be sharing from the 40oz. crew. If you're not familiar with the show, it can be summed up in two words: Horror and Drinking. Join hosts Chad and James in this episode as they discuss horror news and movie reviews and a little segment they like to call Boozin' Gone Bad. For news and other information about the 40oz. Of Horror Podcast, please visit

Direct download: 40oz._of_Horror__Ep_25.mp3
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Double Murder retruns to bring you the ultimate showdown in outdated home video formats: VHS vs Poughkeepsie Tapes! Both films rely on found VHS tapes as a frame to the story, and present a story (or collection of stories) in some pretty unique ways. In addition to the typical high-level film discussion (read: jackassery), Danny! and Tim develop a new movie rating system based on pasta, voice their disdain of community theater, and debut their new segment: Tim's Tour Stories! Tune in to Double Murder on Bloody-Disgusting Radio today!

Direct download: Double_Murder__Ep_43_-_VHS_vs_Poughkeepsie_Tapes.mp3
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In the fourteenth episode of Aural Pleasures, Adam is unable to join Bill and Jonny as he went all Lawnmower Man on us (Bill explains). Topics this week are the Linkin Park/Incubus concert, Michael Wincott as Death, albums the two of us can't wait to come out by the end of the year, and, lastly, bands that we wish would just call it quits and go away. Enjoy!

Direct download: Aural_Pleasures__Ep_14.mp3
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Adam and TJ...well, they didn't tell me what they talked about on this episode, so I'm just gonna have to guess: Video Games! Girls they have crushes on! Memories of sleep-over camp that have been uncoverered through years of therapy!

Direct download: Dead_Pixels__Ep_42.mp3
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We have a real special treat for you all this month! Not only do we discuss video games in the horror genre, Paranormal Activity 4 and the Prometheus sequel. But we go behind the scenes of John Carpenter's classic THEY LIVE which hits bluray this November! Stay till the end boils and ghouls for a  a reVAMPED classic song by Peter Murphy and Trent Reznor!

Direct download: News_From_the_Crypt__Ep_52.mp3
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Danny! and Tim have an thoughful debate on how to best tackle homelessness in America on this month's Double Murder! Street Trash by James Muro describes distributing a toxic, yet affordable, liquor to discerning winos that will reduce the homeless into putrid heaps of neon gore. However, Jason Eisener and John Davies have put forth Hobo With A Shotgun, which posits the theory that arming the homeless population might both reduce their numbers but help reduce crime in major urban areas. Tune in to Double Murder now, and help do your part to end poverty!

Direct download: Double_Murder__Ep_42_-_Street_Trash_vs_Hobo_With_A_Shotgun.mp3
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The three trouble makers behind Aural Pleasures are back! <a href="">Bill</a>, <a href="">Jonny</a>, and <a href="">Adam</a> go over a range of topics this month, including the Spice Girls playing at the Olympics Closing Ceremony, the music of Lollipop Chainsaw (composed by Akira Yamaoka of Silent Hill fame and Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence), the Randy Blythe incarceration, and, as always, some recommendations for you all! Quick word of warning: Adam might very well offend even the most stone-hearted of you in this episode. Seriously, the guy's a bit of a prat here. HAVE FUN!

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On this episode of the broadcast we discuss David Goyer's new Godzilla project as well as review Piranha 3DD, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Prometheus and more! As an added bonus this month we get horror-punks favorite boys in black CALABRESE to lend us some tunes off their new album Dayglo Necros! Get six feet under and rock out with us!

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In this edition of Aural Pleasures, Adam and Jonny keep things nice and short. The dynamic duo begin by chatting about a woman in South Korea who got more than she asked for whilst eating squid (hint: babies…tons of 'em). Then they move onto E3 and the discuss the games presented there and dwell upon what the soundtracks might sound like, focusing on Beyond Two Souls, Dead Space 3, and Resident Evil 6. The boys then cap it all off, as usual, with some recommendations. Tune in and enjoy the absurdity of Aural Pleasures!

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Adam and TJ are back! Again! And they're here to stay. We know you missed their sexy sexy voices. This weeks episode of Dead Pixels is almost all about this years E3 convention. Resident Evil 6, Dead Space 3 and much more are discussed. While. Adam is left feeling unfulfilled about the entire convention, while TJ feels everything was quite good. But the boys get sidetracked as usual and start talking about tv and movies and Adam drops a couple spoilers as it's becoming one of his favorite past times.

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Has it already been 50 episodes? FRIGHTENING! On this special anniversary episode of News From The Crypt, we go back to the 80's and check out some of our favorite horror classics! We also riff on Hannibal and The Exorcist coming to the small screen along with reviews on Dark Shadows, Chernobyl Diaries and more!

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It's vacation season yet again and as your family packs up the minivan to head out to the lake house, Danny! and Tim provide you with some life-saving tips in the latest episode of Double Murder: Cabin In The Woods vs Evil Dead II! Can Joss Whedon's new take on an old trope knock Sam Raimi's cinema classic off it's throne? Tune in to find out!

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In this edition of Aural Pleasure, BD music editor Jonny flies solo! That's right, both Adam and Bill were unable to join Jonny so this baby bird had to learn to fly all on his own! But worry not, for there is no way that Jonny would leave you hanging without some entertaining music-related news for you lovely readers. Jonny opens up by chatting about an amazing article he read about a colorblind man who created a machine that converts light waves into music! Then Jonny goes into some of the movies he's seen recently and chats a bit about their composers and the music of the films. Then he dives into one of his most anticipated tours of the summer: Lamb of God featuring Dethklok and Gojira! Lastly, as always, Jonny caps everything off with a recommendation to tide you over until next month! Check it all out in Aural Pleasures!

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This month on the broadcast, the crew jumps into the elevator to see what lies below the Cabin in the Woods. We also jump aboard The Devil's Carnival road show. Horror Guy Keenan interviews the composer of Silent Hill: Downpour and Dexter, Daniel Licht. Tex hangs out with director Don Coscarelli and talks about his film 'John Dies at the End' and much, much GORE!

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In this tenth episode of Aural Pleasures, Adam, Jonny, and Bill take a moment to discuss a woman who got pregnant at a Megadeth/Motorhead show before launching into a topic that is near and dear to their hearts: video games! The trio go over some of their favorite video game soundtracks, from the glory days of 8-bit beeps and boops to some very recently released titles. The boys then end everything, as usual, with some recommendations for you listeners.

Also, Bill and Jonny get a big scare when it sounds like Adam is suddenly physically assaulted during the recording and Bill is forced to open a package that may or may not contain a severed head. Check it all out on this edition of Aural Pleasures!

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After a painfully long hiatus, TJ and Adam are back to talk about what they've been playing, including Mass Effect, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Silent Hill: Downpour, and Syndicate. But that's not all -- you can also look forward to some The Dark Knight chatter, a few miscellaneous Final Fantasy and Mass Effect spoilers, and a little Justin Beiber sprinkled in for good measure. This isn't the comeback episode you've wanted, it's the comeback episode you need!

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The haunted crew is back this month discussing some interesting topics including the out of left field Nightbreed tv series along side the Carrie remake. We also review Silent House, The Hunger Games, The Walking Dead season 2 finale, the new Battle Royal bluray and much more! Oh and did I mention PROMETHUS?

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Danny! and Tim are back with another episode of Double Murder! This month, they're reviewing Silent House from Uruguay, and it's newly released US remake. The episode is ripe with spoiler alerts as the guys discuss this pair of single-shot home invasion films and examine their feelings for the critically acclaimed star of the remake, Elizabeth Olsen. Can the pair behind Open Water manage to pull off a remake worth watching, and when was the last time you saw a movie from Uruguay? Tune in to Double Murder to find out!

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In this episode of Aural Pleasure, we run into an interesting situation where host Bill is a tad bit upset at Adam over a request that involves a walrus named Jethro. So, this edition of Aural Pleasure is actually two segments rolled into one beautifully neat package!

The first segment sees Bill and Jonny chatting about their frustration with entitled fans, specifically when it comes to Metallica. But the fun doesn't stop there! After that, Jonny and Adam tackle the latest edition of the Silent Hill franchise, Downpour! The two talk about the game as it works within the series with a focus on composer Daniel Licht's music. Then Adam gets to talk about his massive love affair with Mass Effect 3 for a little bit. Enjoy the hilarity!

Make sure to check out our review of the Silent Hill: Downpour OST.

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The horror is starting to roll in and we here at News From the Crypt couldn't be more excited! This month we get excited for Frankenweenie, The Hunger Games and Alan Ball backing off on True Blood. Horror Guy Keenan gets down and dirty with Hostel 3 and Alan Wakes American Nightmare, while Tex Massacre discusses The Woman and dissects The Thing prequel a tad bit more and Lauren shares her thoughts on Absentia.

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This month, Danny! and Tim review Student Bodies and Tucker & Dale vs. Evil in a clash of horror comedies! Will the campy, National Lampoon's-esque Student Bodies crack the guys up more than 2010's insta-classic, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil? Tune in to find out the answer and find out why Tim was rushed to the ER only a few short hours after the taping of episode 38...this month on Double Murder!

In the eighth edition of Bloody-Disgusting's Aural Pleasure (has it seriously been this long? You think we would've been canned by now!), Jonny (, Bill (, and Adam ( tackles their reactions to the recently released Silent Hill: Downpour intro theme, their thoughts on the Grammys and what is going on with the music industry these days, and lastly, who some of our favorite voice actors in video games and movies are. Oh, and then Bill drops a doozy and decides to offer TWO recommendations, leaving Jonny a bit flummoxed. Just another foray into the minds of these three weirdos, I guess.

Direct download: Aural_Pleasures__Ep_08.mp3
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On this months show we have special guest Ryan Leach on to talk about his book 'Dead Inside: Do Not Enter: Notes from the Zombie Apocalypse.' We also discuss this years horror television line up which includes American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, The River and more! And Lauren asks us some very important questions like "What is our favorite Scooby-Doo villain?"

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Danny! and Tim ring in the new year by reviewing the original and remake of Straw Dogs! Which version of this psychological thriller/home invasion film is worth your time to watch? How do the changes in plot and setting alter the effictiveness of the story? What did our two hosts do for New Year's Eve? Tune in to Double Murder to find out!

Direct download: Double_Murder__Ep_38_-_Straw_Dogs_Original_vs._Remake.mp3
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Jonny B. and Bill are a bit tired, having just gotten back from seeing In Flames and Trivium, but Adam Dodd is peppy and excited to get things going! The crew chat about what music they're excited for in the upcoming year, be it from bands, movies, video games or TV shows. The guys also talk about some of the most iconic sound clips and music hits from horror movies. Lastly, Bill tells us his favorite celebrity story and why it makes him crave a sandwich. Just another crazy dive into Aural Pleasure!

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It's that time of the year again, where Adam and TJ talk about the best and worst video games of the year. Bloody DIsgusting's very own David Harley guest stars on this emotion fueled roller coaster ride down memory lane. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and by the time the credits roll you'll be a changed person. A more enlightened person with great hair. So join us for this very special episode of the Dead Pixels Podcast, it's gonna be fun.

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Happy New Years everyone! The crew is all here to count down our top ten horror films of 2011! So all you undead grab a limb to munch on and pop open the bubbly because things are about to get scary as we present the first episode of News From the Crypt for 2012!

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Aural Pleasures is back with more terrible and offensive dialogue. In this episode BD Music editor Jonny B. and cohost Bill Frye talk about their positive and negative events of 2011, their thoughts on what 2012 will bring, and, of course, sprinkle it liberally with talk of music and a complete and utter disregard for general human decency. Unfortunately, cohost Adam Dodd was unable to join for reasons only Bill was privy too, but if you check in you can hear all about it.

From the Aural Pleasures crew, we wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! We'll see you all in 2012!

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It's Christmas Time on Double Murder! To get everyone in the mood for this holiday season, Danny! is joined by Lauren Taylor (of News From The Crypt fame) as they review two holiday treats: Rare Exports and Santa's Slay! Both films takle the age-old question of "What if Santa was actually a murderous beast?" from completely different angles. Rare Exports, a Finnish film from 2010, examines the subject with a serious eye, blending the myth of Santa Claus with the classic "...archeologists start digging and uncover..." trope. Santa's Slay, from 2005, takes a dicidedly more tongue-in-cheek approach casting pro-wrestling star Goldberg as a wise-crackin, neck-breakin Santa. Which one of these films is a welcome present under the tree, and which is a lump of coal? Tune in to Double Murder to find out!

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It's a Dead Pixels Christmas Spectacular, if in name only! Listen in as TJ and Adam talk about all the delicious games that have violently torn them from their lives and the people they love, including Saints Row, Red Faction, and Skyrim (what? You thought Adam was done ogling that game?). There's also a little teasing of their Game of the Year picks, why we need more remakes, the best games on the Sega Genesis, and a hate-filled rant about the new Xbox dashboard update. Oh, and TJ gives us all a Golden Shower! Merry Frakking Christmas everyone!

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Happy Horrordays everyone!!! This month we talk remakes. NBC's The Munsters, Chopping Mall, The Evil Dead. Keenan interviews the lovely and talented Katrina Bowden (Tucker & Dale Vs Evil, 30 Rock) and we review Magnets vivid psycho clown thriller 'The Last Circus.' Be sure to stick around and listen to some frighting holiday horror tunes as well!

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Could anything be more wrong with our Aural Pleasure guys? In this month's edition, Jonny, Bill, and Adam (Hugh Janus, Bulbous Head, and A Meat Popsicle, respectively) talk about Skyrim, major record labels considering discontinuing the production of CDs by the end of 2012, what they would do with $500 for Black Friday shopping, and more! Obviously, they make sure to fill up the podcast with horrible obscenities, callous statements, and some potentially inflammatory remarks. All in a days work for these fine fellows!

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It's a Cronenberg-fest on this episode of Double Murder! Danny! and Tim review his two most compelling and gruesome techno-thrillers: Videodrome and eXistenZ! Both films ask questions about altering your perception of reality by using technology and prophetized society's current obsession with reality TV, virtual reality video games, alternate internet identities, and more. But which one will be lauded as an all-time favorite film? Tune in to find out! a part of the Double Murder Trivia Challenge To The Death!!! Next episode, Danny! will host a horror trivia battle between Tim and Bloody-Disgusting's own Mr. Disgusting, and we want YOU to help! Suggest questions to be asked on the show by sending them via email to Include your name and contact information and we'll give you a shout out on the episode if we pick your question. Include the answers, which must be able to be verfied. Tune in to Double Murder Trivia Challenge To The Death to see if your trivia was chosen!!!

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They've done it again. Nerded out to the max. Take a listen to the newest episode of the Dead Pixels Podcast, as TJ sits in awe while Adam goes on and on about the new Elder Scrolls Skyrim. Then they talk about some Batman. Back to Skyrim. To Gears Of War 3, back to Skyrim. Goldeneye. Skyrim. THEN, Adam gets taken away by a stray dragon he forgot to slay.

The 2 nerdy masterminds discuss Skyrim, and more Skyrim. Alan Wake. Skyrim. Capcom, Skyrim. What I'm trying to say is Adam loves Skyrim. Do you love Skyrim?

Direct download: Dead_Pixels__EP_37.mp3
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Are you in a candy coma after all hallo's eve? Well let the guys (and gal) from News From the Crypt ale ya! This month we take a look at The Thing prequel, Paranormal Activity 3 as well as all the horror that hit television including The Walking Dead season 2 and the ever anticipated American Horror Story.

Direct download: News_From_The_Crypt__EP_43.mp3
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It's a bonus Halloween episode of the Dead Pixels podcast, full of tricks and treatery! Listen in as Adam and TJ talk about Infamous 2: Festival of Blood, Battlefield 3, our horror rituals, and why the zombie craze is definitely not stupid.

Direct download: Dead_Pixels__EP_36_-_Halloween_Special.mp3
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In this edition of Aural Pleasure, Jonny and Bill are joined by Lifehacker writer Whitson Gordon to talk about their Halloween plans! Each one talks about music that sends shivers up and down their spines as well as what movie marathons they plan on sinking into. Lastly, the discuss the time honored classic 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', which, sadly, Whitson has not seen (don't worry, Jonny and Bill don't take too kindly to this news). All this and more on Aural Pleasure!

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Tim returns to join Danny! for the latest episode of Double Murder: The Thing (Original vs Remake)!!! The confusion begins with John Carpenter's 1982 classic creature flick The Thing, which is in fact a remake itself. It's been 29 years later and we're treated to the half prequel/half remake (premakequel?), but still same-named The Thing. The guys sort out the chronology and terminology of the two movies, and talk about the cultural impact (or lack thereof) and the finer points of ultra-gore, sci-fi creature effects used to bring The Thing to life. Which one will be named the winner, and which one is just a cheap alien clone? Tune in to find out!

Direct download: Double_Murder__EP_35_The_Thing_Orig_vs_Remake.mp3
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It's A Dead Pixels Halloween Extravaganza! TJ and Adam talk about the bloody, the weird, and the freaky, covering what's new on television like American Horror Story; new video games including Gears of War 3 and Rage, and it's all sprinkled with some delicious nerd chatter.

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It's that time of the year again! Time to get scary....and busy! This month the crew reports from Dragon*con, Festival of Fear, FantasticFest and Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights 21! David reviews Human Centipede 2, Livid and more upcoming horror! We also take a look at Dead Island and have a Scream 4 Prize pack to giveaway, email us at to enter!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN LISTENERS!

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In this episode of Aural Pleasure, Jonny, Bill, and Adam take on Korn's theme song to Silent Hill: Downpour, a man who had a 9-month sexual relationship with a dolphin, the song that symbolizes their current life status, and much, much more. This podcast is definitely NSFW.

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Tim is off opening his epic pizza restaurant, Dante's Pizzaria, so this week, Danny! is joined by Pete, DJ extrodinaire (as The Coffin Banger) and owner of Pete's Barber Shop. The pair set out to rate and review the original Don't Be Afraid of the Dark versus the remake. Can a movie of the week from 1973 hold up against a Guillermo del Toro penned and produced remake? Will the heavy use of CGI be bested by the practical effects of the original? How does Katie Holmes continue to get work? For these answers and more, tune in to this month's Double Murder!!!

Pack up your bags and make sure you're not carrying on any liquids over 3.5 oz. because we're going on a vacation to Banoi Island! Listen to TJ and Adam talk about their harrowing adventures in Dead Island, including the good, the bad, and the buggy in this brand spanking new episode of the Dead Pixels podcast.

Direct download: Dead_Pixels__EP_34.mp3
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On this week show we welcome Ms. Lauren Taylor has our new horror co-host. Tim's back joining Horror Guy Keenan as the two talk the quirky Fright Night remake, Final Destination 5, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, the Hellraiser: Revelations trailer and more! Also make sure to listen up for your chance to win a signed poster from the man himself, John Carpenter.

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Aural Pleasures Episode 2 - Although Adam Dodd was unable to join in, Jonny B. and new host Bill Frye continued on the good fight! The two talked about bands they wish would tour more often, what they're listening to at the moment, and gave some delightful recommendations. Enjoy!

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Danny! and Tim discuss 2 of the first Bloody Disgusting Selects films: Rammbock and Phase 7. Rammbock is a unique take on the rage virus/infected zombie genre, dealing both with coming to terms with emotional loss and survival in a city gone mad. Phase 7 shows what happens when an apartment building is quarantined and it's occupants regress back to rule-of-the-jungle anarchy and paranoia. Both films deal with confinement and disease, and both films have memorable, fresh characters...but which one is the best? Tune in to Double Murder on Bloody Disgusting Radio to find out!

Direct download: Double_Murder__EP_33_-_Rammbock_vs_Phase_7.mp3
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TJ and Adam strike back! In this week's episode we talk about everything from dogsitting, to what we've been playing, to upcoming games, and the unrelated tangents in-between.

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On this months episode of News From the Crypt Keenan, David and Lauren are joined by the famous Grindhouse poster artist Tom Hodge. Tom has worked on such posters as Hobo with a Shotgun, Father's Day and more! We also take a look at all the exciting news out of Comic Con, review Cowboys & Aliens, giveaway some signed stuff and MORE!

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Welcome to the first Aural Pleasure podcast! In this episode, Jonny B. and Adam Dodd talk about their first albums, first concerts, some wacky news, and end it all up with some recommendations.

Direct download: Aural_Pleasures__EP_1.mp3
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Danny! and Tim return to review the original and remake of the all-time horror classic: A Nightmare On Elm St! Can Wes Craven's original masterpiece hold it's own up against the 2010 remake? Will modern horror filmmaking techniques surpass the practical gore of the original? Should this film have even been remade in the first place? Tune it to Double Murder to find out, only on Bloody-Disgusting Radio!

Listen in as TJ and new co-host Adam attempt to discuss all things video games, including Duke Nukem, our thoughts on E3, and The Secret World, until they see something shiny throwing them on unrelated tangents like the new Transformers flick and the delicious Mountain Dew Pitch Black.

Direct download: Dead_Pixels_Ep_032__Adam_Dodd_Rises.mp3
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This week joining us on the show is Bloody Disgusting's very own writer Lauren Taylor. Since it has been a while we delve through our horror screener stacks and talk about the stuff we usually would not talk about (Can you say SyFy original!?). We also review John Carpenters The Ward, Season of the Witch and more! All this plus our look at Orlando's own Spooky Empire's MAY-HEM convention and a bit of insight on The Evil Dead: The Musical

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Double Murder: Ep 25 - Human Centipede vs Splice

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Double Murder: Ep 24 - Predators vs Aliens

Direct download: Double_Murder__Ep_24_-_Predators_vs_Aliens.mp3
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Double Murder: Ep 23 - The Wolfman vs Wolf

Direct download: Double_Murder__Ep_23_-_The_Wolfman_vs_Wolf.mp3
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Double Murder: Ep 22 - Daybreakers vs Perfect Creature

Direct download: Double_Murder__Ep_22_-_Daybreakers_vs_Perfect_Creature.mp3
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Double Murder: Ep 21 - Zombieland vs Shaun of the Dead

Direct download: Double_Murder__Ep_21_-_Zombieland_vs_Shaun_of_the_Dead.mp3
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Double Murder: Ep 20 - Jennifer's Body vs Carrie

Direct download: Double_Murder__Ep_20_-_Jennifers_Body_vs_Carrie.mp3
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Double Murder: Ep 17 - Mum & Dad vs The People Under The Stairs

Double Murder: Ep 16 - Martyrs - The HorrorHound Special

Direct download: Double_Murder__Ep_16_-_Martyrs_-_The_HorrorHound_Special.mp3
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Sunshine vs Event Horizon

Direct download: Double_Murder__EP_15_Sunshine_vs_Eve_1.mp3
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Friday the 13th: Original vs Remake

Direct download: Double_Murder__EP_14_-_Friday_the_13_1.mp3
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Let The Right One In vs Martin

Direct download: Double_Murder__EP_13_-_Let_The_Right_1.mp3
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Inside vs Rosemary's Baby

Direct download: Double_Murder__EP_12_-_Inside_vs._Ro_1.mp3
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Halloween: Original vs Remake

Direct download: Double_Murder__EP_11_-_Halloween__Or_1.mp3
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The Hills Have Eyes (Orig vs Remake)

Direct download: Double_Murder__EP_10_-_The_Hills_Have_Eyes_Orig_vs_Remake.mp3
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Tetsuo: Iron Man vs The Machine Girl

Direct download: Double_Murder__EP_09_-_Tetsuo__Iron_Man_vs_The_Machine_Girl.mp3
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REC vs Quarantine

Direct download: Double_Murder__EP_08_-_REC_vs_Quarantine.mp3
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Music Box Massacre 4

Direct download: Double_Murder__EP_07_-_The_Music_Box_Massacre_4.mp3
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Music Box Massacre Preview

Direct download: Double_Murder__EP_06_-_Music_Box_Massacre_Preview.mp3
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Inferno vs Mother of Tears

Direct download: Double_Murder__EP_05_-_Inferno_vs_Mother_of_Tears.mp3
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Amityville Horror (Orig vs Remake)

Direct download: Double_Murder__EP_04_-_Amityville_Horror_Orig_vs_Remake.mp3
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Mirrors (Orig vs Remake)

Direct download: Double_Murder__EP_03_-_Mirrors_Orig_vs_Remake.mp3
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The Eye (Orig vs Remake)

Direct download: Double_Murder__EP_02_-_The_Eye_Orig_vs_Remake.mp3
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The Hitcher (Orig vs Remake)

Direct download: Double_Murder__EP_01_-_The_Hitcher_Orig_vs_Remake.mp3
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South by South West is now over and David is back to fill us in on what we can look forward to in 2011. Also we are joined by local horror film director Steven Shea. Look forward to reviews on INSIDIOUS, THE DIVIDE, ATTACK THE BLOCK, DETENTION and the very anticipated HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN and MORE! Tune in and scream with us!

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_38.mp3
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WERE BACK! Get ready for all new bi-weekly show. This week we catch up on the past few months of horror with reviews on the I Spit on Your Grave remake, Serbian Film and more. Along with taking a look at some of the films you all can look forward to during this slow season for horror fans. Scream 4 anyone?

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_37.mp3
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This week on the show Mr. Disgusting and BC join Tex and Horror Guy to share there Comic-Con 2010 experience. We take a look at all the horror the show had to offer us this year such as Guillermo del Toro's The Haunted Mansion, Mothers Day, SAW 3D, Let Me In, Machete and The Last Exorcism.

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_36.mp3
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This week on the broadcast, David reports from the theater after viewing the new Twilight: Eclipse film. Horror Guy and Tex talk Scream 4 and discuss what may be in store for the series. We also review the Wolfman bluray. Plus True Blood, Mary Shelly’s Frankenhole, stop motion Addam’s Family and more!

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_35.mp3
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This week on the show we are joined by Eric Walkuski from Aarow in the Head. We talk Cannes Film Fest and discuss all the 3D trash coming from it. Along with reviewing the ever grotesque Human Centipede, the oh so hilarious Birdemic and we venture back into the (now not so) dark cave for Descent 2. All this and some haunting music from our friends at Midnight Syndicate this week.

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_34.mp3
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We have risen from the grave! After being dead for the last month and a half Tex Massacre and Horror Guy Keenan are back (David Harley will be back next week). This week we are talking all things Nightmare on Elm Street. From the hit and miss remake to the amazing four hour plus Never Sleep Again documentary. The guys also talk a bit about JJ Abrams up and coming film Super 8. Does it have anything to do with Cloverfield? Don't. Fall. Asleep...for this one! 

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_33.mp3
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Horrorholic, Tex Massacre, Horror Guy and special guest Mr. Disgusting break down the list of The Top 20 Horror Films of the Last Decade and explain how and why each film crept it's way onto the official list. The guys also rag on each others personal favorites from this past year. This episode is just straight horror talk with little to no edits. A fun way to end the decade.

**Please note. Mr. Disgusting is only muffled sounding for the first 5 minutes so don't freak. (That and he doesn't say much then anyways then)**

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_32.mp3
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Deck the halls with blood and skin! Happy Horrordays everyone. The BD Radio guys have's very own Christopher Helm on the show this week. Horror Guy takes a special look at one of the greatest ghost stories of all time, A Christmas Carol. Horrorholic talks a little about the post apocalyptic film The Road and Tex lets us in on why Transylmania is one of the worst grossing films of all time. A slew of DVD and Blu-ray reviews, coming attractions and more! 

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Another fall season has come and gone. But Radio Disgusting's back to chill you to the bone with all their haunted Halloween reviews! Back from Scream Fest LA, Tex Massacre has quite a few things to say about films like Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre, The Human Centipede, The Revenant and Forget Me Not. Horror Guy and Tex also take a look at the four new Ghost House Pictures out now on Blu-Ray and DVD, along with Paranormal Activity, SAW VI, House of the Devil, The Wrong Turn Trilogy and more! Also the guys are giving away three copies of Vivendi Entertainments action pack thriller The Tournament on DVD along with ways on how you can see The Box and 2012 for free!

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Tex, Horror Guy and David are back this week and are getting ready for there double dose of rated R horror with Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 and The Final Destination opening everywhere this Friday (Aug 28th). The guys list there reasons for seeing each film and why they think Myers and Death himself will slash apart the box offices this weekend. Also tons of DVD reviews including Harper's Island, Sick Girl, Children of the Corn (Blu-Ray), Mad Monster Party and more!

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WERE BACK FROM COMIC CON!!!! This week Tex and Mr. Disgusting share with David and Horror Guy Keenan there experiences at the show and what they saw. Were also bringing you all into the press conference room with the new Freddy Kruger (Jackie Earle Haley), The cast of Jonah Hex (Megan Fox, Josh Brolin), The directer of Night of the Creeps (Fred Dekkar) and more! We also let give you a chance to win some 'A Perfect Getaway' tickets.

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This week the guys discuss what will be going on at this years Comic-Con including ways to get you into the free (and not so free) screenings. They also take a look at this weeks DVD releases including The Haunting in Connecticut, Horsemen and The Messengers 2: The Scarecrow. All this plus headlines, Horror in your House for next week and more!

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Tex, David and Horror Guy welcome Mr. Disgusting on this weeks "EXTRA" special show. The guys discuss the headlines for this week including the issue with the grain on select Blu-Ray films, The Bride of Frankenstein remake, Ghostbusters: The Game, True Blood: Season 2, Robert Rodriguez's Predator remake and more! We also delve into the deep dark word of horror soundtrack composing and discuss what makes a great horror soundtrack so terrifying! Expect music clips that will chill you to the bone.

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This week the guys interview David Szulkin from Grindhouse Releasing who talks about the new release of Cat in the Brain and discusses his love for the original Last House on the Left and shares a bit about the uncut version, and whats next for the original Grindhouse company. Also DVD reviews on Plague Town, Donkey Punch, Tokyo Zombie and Laid to Rest. 

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This week the guys talk with Ryan Leach from Ryan runs a community site built on creating one of the best fan based zombie films ever along with tons of other undead shenanigans! Tex and Horror Guy head to FX Show and talk with comic book artists Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night, Wormwood) and Arthur Suydam (Marvel Zombies). All this plus your headlines, dvd reviews and more!

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_22.mp3
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They're back! Tex Massacre, Horror Guy Keenan and David Harley discuss some of the big topics this week. Does Michale Myers really ditch the mask in Rob Zombie's Halloween sequel? Freddy has been cast for the new Nightmare flick. But can Rorschach really fit in a dirty Christmas sweater? And this years 8 Films to Die For...Are they really to die for? These topics plus reviews from this years South by Southwest and were giving away copies of Magnolia Entertainment's Let the Right One In. Listen closely to see how to win em!

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_21.mp3
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Tex Massacre and Horror Guy head to Megacon 2009 where they talk with comic book writer and creator Brian Pulido about his new film The Graves starring Bill Mosley, Tony Todd, Amanda Wyss and Lamb of God's Randy Blythe. Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 update, Tales from the Darkside DVD review and more!

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_20.mp3
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This week Tex, Horror Guy and David discuss the 'Friday the 13th' remake.
How it came to be and what went wrong? They also talk about the new documentary DVD out now 'His Name Was Jason'. Is it a buy or should you just read 'Crystal Lake Memories'? News headlines, Toy Fair and much more! **Friday the 13th Spoilers Included**

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_19.mp3
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Tex, David and Horror Guy are back to start the year off right with a slew of reviews including this years 8 Films to Die For, Repo! The Genetic Opera Blue-Ray, Tokyo Gore Police, The Unborn, My Bloody Valentine Special Edition DVD (and the 3D release) and much more! Also listen carefully for your chance to win a copy of [REC] or Tales From The Darkside: Season 1! All this and more! (Audio issue fixed. Now longer!)

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_18.mp3
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It's the end of the year and Tex massacre, Horror Guy and David are going out with ah blast by being joined with (E-Film critic) Will Goss, Mr. Disgusting and Spooky Dan. Everyone drinks and takes a look back at this past year in horror including such films as Repo! Dark Floors, Let the Right One In, Twilight, Sleepaway Camp 5, Poultrygeist, [Rec], Dance of the Dead, My Name is Bruce, Jack Brook's Monster Hunter, Diary of the Dead, SAW V, Midnight Meat Train, Inside, Martyrs and much more! We also look at the companies putting out these films and how there distrubuting them to us and what we can expect from them for next year....And will everything be in 3-D!?

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_17.mp3
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On this week's show we have horror director ADAM GREEN on the show. Adam's becoming a big name in horror with the success of 'Hatchet' and his next up and coming thriller 'Frozen'. He shares with the guys a bit about his up and coming projects along with some tidbits on 'Hatchet 2' and what the hell happened with Cabin Fever 2?! All this plus your horror news including The Nightmare on Elm St. Remake, 3-D Horror, DVD Releases and what we all want for X-Mas!

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_16.mp3
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This week Tim, David, Keenan and Brad are all here to gab your ears off about Twilight. Whether your a screaming 13 year old fan girl or a 25 year old gore fiend you have heard of this movie and may have seen it last week. The guys talk about what worked and didn't work with the young vampire drama. Also whats going on with horror today? Why do we hear about great horror flicks hitting the film circuits and then we don't see them until later the next year straight to DVD? All this and tons more all wrapped up in a bloody sack of an hour!

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_15.mp3
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This week, Tex Massacre, Horror Guy Keenan and David take a night out to the opera. REPO! The Genetic Opera to be exact. The guy's interview director Darren Lynn Bousman and writer Terrance Zdunich on everything REPO! and what it's like getting this sucker out to you all. Fan's also get long waited questions answered. The guys also list there favorite kills in horror, along with your news and DVD releases for the week.

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_14.mp3
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This week, Tex and David (Keenan's working at Universal) welcome once again to the studio director Steven Shea. It's a slow week in horror news so the guys discuss DVD releases, what should be out on DVD and head a bit off topic with info on Guns n's Roses Chinese Democracy and some Misfits news.  All this and much more!

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This week, Tex Massacre, Horror Guy Keenan and David talk about SAW V and what went wrong.  The guys go a bit dvd crazy this week discussing  DEAD SPACE: DOWNFALL, the MY BLOODY VALENTINE: SE coming soon, your DVD releases for this week including PIECES, RETURN TO SLEEP AWAY CAMP and much, much, more!

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Bloody Disgusting Radio heads to Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend! The guys got to chat it up with a few of the guests including Malcolm McDowell, Hellraiser's Ashley Laurence, Phantasm's Michael Baldwin and Angus Scrimm, William Forsythe and many more! And as always, a look at this weeks horror news.

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_11.mp3
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This week, Tex and David (Keenan has a night off) welcome Director Steven Shea to discuss the DVD release of his film Hoodoo For Voodoo as well as the state of low budget horror.  Tex goes a little Quarantine crazy.  Plus, a discussion of everyone's favorite Slasher Films, your DVD releases for the week and  much, much, more!

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_10.mp3
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Hosted by Tex Massacre and Horror Guy Keenan (David's out this week). The guys are thrilled to finally record in a studio with crystal clear sound and discuss the third installment of After Dark Horrorfest's 8 Films to Die For, a taste of Horror Guy's favorite Road Horror's, Tex tells all about EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about 'Faces of Death', your DVD releases for this week and more!

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_09.mp3
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Hosted by Tex Massacre, Horror Guy Keenan, and David Harley.
The guys touch upon a few things "Friday the 13th" related, whats got your Ghost this October, a look at Lucky Mcgee and Trygve Allister Diesen's film RED, whats not so lovable about the animated film Igor, your DVD releases this week and more!

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_08.mp3
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Hosted by Tex Massacre, Horror Guy Keenan and Davids back! The guys discuss HBO's new series True Blood, The Thing prequel, REPO! The Genetic Opera, along with David's trip report from the set of The Death Race remake, your DVD releases for this week and More!

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_07.mp3
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Hosted by Tex Massacre and Horror Guy Keenan (David once again off) the guys dig deep into the cereal box to get the low down on Ghostbusters 3 along with a rather ghoulish discussion about everyone's favorite doctor Mr. Boll. Child's Play revamp, your DVD releases for this week and much more!

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_06.mp3
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Hosted by Tex Massacre and Horror Guy Keenan (David is off today) we take an "in death" look inside the what makes Spanish horror films tick with Lions Gates new DVD set '6 Films to Keep You Awake.' We also touch a bit on this weeks news and your DVD releases for this week.

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_05.mp3
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Hosted by Tex Massacre, Horror Guy Keenan, and David Harley, in Episode #4 the guys discuss why Alex Aja's film 'Mirrors' is so cracked. Whats the deal with re-imagining all the classics? (Especially The Rocky Horror Picture Show), Jennifer's Body shows no body, you're DVD releases this week and much more!

Direct download: Disgusting_Radio_04.mp3
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Hosted by Tex Massacre, Horror Guy Keenan, and David Harley, in Episode #3 David talks about his hellish experience during 'Hellride'. Horror Guy asks the question if were all going Trick r' Treating this fall (or ever), And Tim just wants more Natalie Portman in the Suspira Remake. The guys also ask the question, is the SAW franchise taking over horror as we know it? Your DVD releases for this week and MORE. Make sure to subscribe and send feedback in with ideas or suggestion to make the show better.

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